Joel E. Kostka

Kostka Photo Professor

Biogeochemical Oceanography
Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1993

Microorganisms comprise the predominant form of living biomass on the planet, and they control most of the global biogeochemical cycles necessary to sustain life. My research group studies the microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of a variety of ecosystems from the coastal ocean to the terrestrial subsurface. We use molecular and cultivation-based techniques to determine the structure/function relationships of microbial communities which catalyze carbon and nutrient cycles, and we use geochemical techniques to trace microbial activities. Incorporating extensive field research as well as lab components, ongoing projects address: (1) nutrient cycling in the shallow continental shelf, saltmarshes, seagrass beds, and mangroves, and (2) bioremediation of radioactive contaminants in subsurface sediments.

I am also involved in the new Biogeochemical Dynamics Program at FSU. The Biogeochemical Dynamics Program is an interdisciplinary research-oriented, graduate-only program within the FSU College of Arts and Sciences which focuses on environmental biogeochemistry.