William Landing

Landing Photo Professor

Chemical Oceanography
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz, 1983

My work focuses on the chemical, biological, and physical processes which affect trace element distributions and behavior in marine and freshwater environments. Due to their involvement in biochemical processes, trace elements may limit biological productivity at low concentrations but can be toxic at only slightly elevated concentrations. For many elements, atmospheric deposition can be the dominant source to the land or a body of water. Recently, we have started work on the CLIVAR-Repeat Hydrography Project, collecting sections through the major ocean basins for dissolved iron and aluminum. Along with aerosol solubility measurements, we will demonstrate the relative importance of atmospheric deposition to the biogeochemical cycles of these elements (and carbon) in the oceans.

I am also involved in the new Biogeochemical Dynamics Program at FSU. The Biogeochemical Dynamics Program is an interdisciplinary research-oriented, graduate-only program within the FSU College of Arts and Sciences which focuses on environmental biogeochemistry.